Assured Security Ratings 

Products of Bumil Safe have been tested and approved annually in compliance with the stringent test methods by international certificate organizations such as UL, JIS, SP and KS.


Cutting Edge Technology 

With constant investment in products and technology, Bumilsafe promises customer that we will become a leading company in new era's high quality products.

UL, Class 350 -Fire test

Fire endurance test at UL

4 thermometers are placed inside the safe.

Temperature inside the safes should not exceed 350°F(177°C) for 1 or 2 hours tested hour. (Including extra 1 hour for cooling) Temperature outside the safe rises up to 1,850°F(1,010°C). Refer to the following Non-impact interior temperatures graph.

Explosion hazard test

The closed furnace is preheated up to 2000°F(1,093°C) and insert the safe into the preheated furnace.  Temperature of the furnace should be 2000°F(1,093°C) for 30 minutes. Heated sample is experimented for a drop test according to the explosion hazard test standards to decide on performance quality. Refer to the following impact interior temperatures graph.

Test Result

Fire endurance test 

Crumpled paper balls or newsprint were readable without scorch or burnt out.

Explosion hazard

No explosion of the cabinet was noted as a result of the quick thermal shock.

Burglary ratings

TL15X6 test is conducted on all six (6) sides of the safe, it successfully resisted from opening the door or making a 6'' square opening entirely through the door or all six (6) sides of the safe for 15 minutes using common hand tools, drills and punches hammers etc.

UL, Class TL 15 - Burglary test

The safe shall resist entry when attacked using the tools such as any common hand tools, picking tools, portable mechanical & electric tools, grinding points, high-speed and carbide drills not exceeding 1/2'' diameter for a net working time of 15 minutes.